Devine EvansProducer, Songwriter and Engineer for Rihanna, Chris Brown, Nikki Minaj and Britney Spears
The hands of god have always helped guide me in one direction with my music. The hands I play with; keep me on tour buses, airplanes and hotel rooms. The hands of time remind my body how hard that lifestyle is and the hands of Nadia makes all that pain go away!!!
Marian GlynnLearning support
Having suffered from migraines for a number of years, I was introduced to Nadia Alibhai. She found the cause of the problem and thanks to Nadia I no longer live in fear of my next headache
Jane Stephens
I suffered with herniated disc which caused tremendous lower back pain and a numb left leg and foot, with barely any movement tolerable. I was miserable, in a lot of pain, unable to get comfortable apart from standing up. I was beginning to think an operation might be the only way forward. An alternative was suggested - a recommendation came from a mutual friend who'd suffered a similar disc problem to me to go and see Nadia. So 6 or so weeks after the pain began, and after my first visit with Nadia during she assessed me and gently massaged the calf, ankle, and lower back pain, the next day I felt the pain 'shift' -  for the first time I could start to walk more normally and sit for more than 30 minutes. After the second visit a week later I woke up the next day feeling pain free for the first time in weeks. I cannot recommend Nadia highly enough; after just 3 visits my back is beginning to feel normal again. I completely trust her to do the right thing for my condition. I do the exercises she gives me as 'homework' and shall make sure that once I have fully recovered, I see her for regular 'maintenance' sessions because I'm confident she can help me keep my spine in good condition and health.
As a journalist, I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer. Prior to seeing Nadia I was getting tension headaches and stiff shoulders. I wanted natural pain relief that would solve the root of the problem. After seeing Nadia my shoulders felt lighter and the headaches disappeared.
Lee Goldsmith
I broke my fibula and very badly dislocated my ankle, requiring surgery and two pins. I started seeing Nadia about 10 weeks later and improvement was immediate and progress swift. She works incredibly hard and very effectively. I really cannot recommend her enough.
Charlie BrooksActress Eastenders
Nadia Alibhai is an amazing Osteopath, often able to correct things that no one else can. At the end of a treatment I always feel looser and more mobile. Nadia works wonders with her hands!
Nadia has helped me so much in such a short space of time. She has magic hands, I recommend her to everyone!!'
I am so glad I found Nadia when I did, she genuinely cares about what she does and the people she treats. Not only does she alleviate my back pain, I leave feeling physically and emotionally stronger!
Mr Richard GibbsVascular Surgeon
As a Surgeon I spend a significant amount of time hunched up over patients during long operations. Nadia Alibhai came highly recommended by a Consultant Physician. Since seeing Nadia my posture has improved dramatically, and work has become very much easier as my back has both strengthened and straightened in a fairly short space of time. I would not hesitate to recommend Nadia Alibhai given my own very positive health benefits gained since consulting her
Melanie MurphySelf Enquiry therapist
I have been seeing Nadia for many years and she has met every challenge I have faced with love and skill. First of all as a salesperson I drove every day and developed a chronic hip problem that Nadia sorted.  Then I got a cancer diagnoses and Nadia treated me through the many side effects and a major neck problem due to a tumour.  She even spotted a lump I had not noticed and sent me straight to the doctor. By doing that  she averted what could have been a quite serious situation. I have to thank Nadia for taking such good care of me – she made a world of difference to my healing journey.
I broke my back in 2008. Nadia has made it possible for me to continue lead a full life. I sometimes forget it broke at all! Nadia makes you feel very at ease, is extremely effective and gives good direction about how you can support your rehabilitation at home and in your own time too. I look forward to my sessions - I know they keep me mobile and I would recommend Nadia to anyone who is in pain or immobile and needs immediate help.
Shereen Shabana - Singer, Songwriter
I was suffering with on going back pain. After only one treatment with Nadia, I felt lighter and my back pain immediately disappeared. Nadia is the only Osteopath I trust with my back!
Jan Pratt
I would highly recommend Nadia for injury treatments. I was suffering from a mid back injury that stopped me from doing any running. After one session Nadia had identified the problem and within a week I was able to get road running again with no back pain. Thanks Nadia!
It is extremely reassuring to have Nadia in your life – she has prevented some very bad physical problems from developing in my body and I cannot thank her enough